The length of the rebate process varies depending on the type of project you will be doing. The EES (express energy solutions) program, which we specialize in, will take 30 days or less depending on the level your rebate reaches. Some rebate and incentive programs require pre-approval before installation, which on average takes 29 days. Once the project is complete, we have seen that it takes on average about 45 days to receive a rebate check from the rebate provider. Altogether, the entire rebate process from pre-approval to getting the final check takes about 2 months. 
Rebate programs usually have specific requirements as to what type of products qualify. Popular requirements are DLC, Energy Star and Lighting Facts. It’s not enough if the product spec sheets have the DLC or Energy Star logo, the product must be on the current list at the level required by the utility company. Sometimes, by spending a little more money for a premium product you qualify for bigger rebates. Remember, products sold on the internet and in big box stores may not qualify. Also, products sold in these places are often less quality and do not last very long. They may look the same on the outside, but it’s what's inside that counts. All Style LED can analyze your project and make sure your products meet the necessary incentive program requirements. When buying for always pay for it twice.
 Each year, 60% of Americans hire a tax professional because they know the professional will get them the largest tax deduction possible. A tax expert knows the detailed regulations, the critical time lines and how to claim special items. All Style LED brings similar expertise to the rebate process. With a proprietary database containing virtually all incentives across North America and a team of dedicated rebate and incentive professionals, All Style LED ensures you don’t leave any money on the table. Get help to get the most.
Rebates and incentives help reduce the initial up-front cost of lighting projects. Typically, they improve the ROI payback time by 20 – 25%. In fact, looking at all the jobs All Style LED has worked on, the average payback was less than 1 year after taking advantage of all the possible incentives. In some cases the payback was less than a month. 
Rebates and incentives are not always as straightforward as people may think. By choosing the right products, correct timing and best rebate programs, you can maximize your rebate. All Style LED can help you get the most money for your projects while taking away all your hassle. rebate programs often have a fixed amount of funds to work with and can quickly run out of money with little notice, timing of your project is critical for eligibility. In addition, installation must be scheduled correctly to allow for any inspections and pre-approval requirements which vary widely.
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